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Korean People’s Army Song and Dance Ensemble

The predecessor of the ensemble was the Art Department of the Pyongyang School, which was set up by President Kim Il Sung after Korea’s liberation, on the basis of his valuable experience with the revolutionary literary and art activities of the anti-Japanese war. It developed into the song and dance ensemble of the security officer’s training battalion before progressing into the ensemble of the present title.

During the building of a new Korea, Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese war heroine, showed close concern for the activities of the ensemble to fulfill its mission and duty as dictated by the President as well as for the living conditions of its artists and performers.

The ensemble made its stage debut on April 30, Juche 36(1947) with the chorus of the immortal revolutionary paean “Song of General Kim Il Sung”, in the presence of the President. It has since developed into the army’s art complex capable of ranging over stage art works including music, dance and recital. It performed with credit, under the guidance of Chairman Kim Jong Il, the Sea of Blood-style revolutionary operas: “A True Daughter of the Party” and “Under the Bright Sun”.

It has established its broad reputation as the prestigious army art troupe trotting out many People’s and Merited Artists and performers.

It has been awarded Kim Il Sung Order twice (in 1972 and 1996), the Order of the national Flag First Class and the Order of Freedom and Independence First Class, in recognition of the services it rendered for the Korean revolutionary cause.

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