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Mansudae Art Troupe

The predecessor of the art troupe was the Central Art Troupe formed on September 27, Juche 58(1969) to create operas and music and dance pieces.

It has developed under the meticulous care of Kim Jong Il in particular, in1970s under his guidance it played a key role in the production of revolutionary opera “A Flower Girl” adapted from immortal classical masterpiece, music and dance tale “Song of Paradise” as model works in the Juche era. It achieved a great success in working out a unique mixed orchestra and formation of musical rendition of women’s instrumental ensemble and the representative masterpieces, the Korean style dance.

It has also promoted the friendship with the progressive peoples the world over through its performances in many countries.

It has developed all the more as a prestigious music and dance troupe composed of a number of prizewinners at national and international contests, People’s and Merited Artists.

It has been awarded Kim Il Sung Order in Juche 61(1972) for its meritorious services in the development of juche art.


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