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State National Art Troupe

The North Korean Opera Troupe was formed on October 4, Juche 36(1947), and renamed the State National Art Troupe in Juche 81(1992), with its development into a powerful performer of national art.

It made its stage debut with the opera “A Herdsman and a Girl Weaver” (1947) in the presence of President Kim Il Sung.

The President, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Suk, the anti-Japanese war heroine, showed concern for its development and visited it on a number of occasions. It is credited with many operas that benefited the inheritance and development of the fine traditions of Korea’s national music and art.

Its peak of development was reached in the 1970s when Kim Jong Il’s guidance initiated a sweeping opera revolution. At that time it evolved the revolutionary operas: “Tell, Forests” (1972) and “Song of Mt. Kumgang” (1973) that contributed to the opera revolution.

In subsequent years, it worked on operas of ancient themes on the line of Sea of Blood-type operas, thus producing national operas: “Tale of Chun Hyang” (1988) and “Tale of Sim Chong”, and the folk dance suite “People of the Walled City of Pyongyang”, works of ideological value and artistic merit.

It has gained an international fame as a national art creator with a rich stock of People’s and Merited Artists and Performers.
It was awarded Kim Il Sung Order in Juche 62(1973) in recognition of its contribution to Juche-oriented art.

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