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The State Theatrical Company

The predecessor of the company was the central art group formed on May 23, Juche 35(1946) and was renamed National Theater on January 9, Juche 36(1947), the State Playhouse in the postwar period and the State Theatrical Company from Juche 61(1972).

The company has performed over 300 dramas and artworks for carrying out the line of building Juche-oriented national culture of the Worker’s Party of Korea and contributing to the ideological education and emotion of the working people.

In particular, in response to the policy on making a revolution in creating drama set forth by Kim Jong Il, the company put on the stage the revolutionary drama “Mountain Shrine”, an immortal classic masterpiece personally created by President Kim Il Sung during the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle, and thus opened a new era of Mountain Shrine-style revolutionary dramas.

The company successively represented the immortal classical masterpiece “Blood at an International conference”(1984), “A Letter from a Daughter”(1987), “Three Pretenders”(1987) and “Celebration Meeting”(1988) on our own drama as required by the times, gaining brilliant successes of creating 5 revolutionary dramas.

The company has scores of People’s and Merited Actors and Artists.

It has been awarded Kim Il Sung Order in Juche 61(1972) in recognition of the services it rendered for more than 40 years.

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