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The State Symphony Orchestra

On the initiative of President Kim Il Sung, the central symphony orchestra was established on August 8, Juche 35(1946) and renamed the State Symphony Orchestra in Juche 44(1955).

Under the care of President Kim Il Sung and the guidance of Kim Jong Il, it composed orchestral music “Bumper Harvest on Chongsan Plain” and “My Native Home”, piano concerto “Korea Is One”, violin concerto “Nostalgia” and other excellent instrumental pieces of music in the Korean own style and contributed to the development of Juche-oriented orchestral music.

The symphony orchestra performed in many foreign countries.

In particular, in Juche 89(1990), marked in the history of Korea’s reunification movement as a year of special significance for the fact of the historic Pyongyang meeting and June 15 Joint Declaration, it staged its performance in Seoul unfolding the scene of development of Juche-oriented music and art to the south Korean people, thus sparking greater enthusiasm for national reunification among them.

It has gained an international fame as a national art creator with a rich stock of People’s and Merited Artists and Performers.

It has been awarded Kim Il Sung Order in Juche 89(2000) for their meritorious services in the development of Juche-oriented art.

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