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   The Korean Film Export and Import Corporation
-the Korean International Film Production Agency

It is the one and only state film corporation in the DPRK responsible for many sided exchange with foreign film companies in terms of export and import, a joint A-B production, ordered production and technical cooperation established in Juche 43 (1954).

It keeps trade relations with 60 foreign film and TV companies.
It has been successful in the co-production and the production of the ordered foreign films with 10 foreign film production companies, gaining credit worldwide.

It has presented many Korean films in the international film festival held in foreign countries and has been successful in sponsoring the “Pyongyang Film Festival of Non-Aligned and Other developing Countries” once every two years rendering its contribution to the strengthening of friendship and cooperation with film makers throughout the world.

Based on its regular work system and structure, it is strengthening technical cooperation in import and export of films, co-production, ordered film production and in the image creation in the field of film, TV and CD.

It is also making film posters and dubbing and conducting exchange with foreign countries through its agencies in Japan, China and other countries.



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