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Pyongyang University of Music and Dance

The predecessor of the university was Pyongyang Dance College established in March 1, Juche 38(1949) and became Pyongyang University of Music and Dance in February, Juche 61(1972) combining with Pyongyang Art College.

It owes its development to the meticulous care and several times of on-the-spot guidance by President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

It has departments of national instrument, modern instrument, vocal music, dance and composition (conduct and theory), made up of able professors and researchers, and research institute of music and dance, postgraduate course and an orchestra. It is also provided with full conditions for art education.

There are many prizewinners of national and international contests among the students and it has produced many People’s and Merited Actors, Actresses and Artists.

The university has been awarded Kim Il Sung Order Juche 78(1989) and the Order of National Flag First Class in recognition of the services it rendered for the development of Juche-oriented art and received congratulatory messages from the Central Committee of the Worker’s Party of Korea on several occasions.

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