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   President Kim Il Sung, Sun of Juche :: on the occasion of the 92nd birthday of the President    Main     

    Mangyongdae has been famous from olden times as a scenic spot.

   The name “Mangyongdae” has come from the fact that one can command a kaleidoscopic view on the green hill (Mangyong Hill, 45 metres of height) on the bank of the River Taedong.

   Mangyongdae is located about 12 km southwest of the downtown of Pyongyang.

   President Kim Il Sung was born in a simple straw-thatched house at Mangyongdae on April 15, Juche 1 (1912) and spent his childhood here.

   It was a dark period of national sufferings for the Korean people when Korea had turned into a colony of the Japanese imperialists.

   Born into a patriotic and revolutionary family whose members had devoted themselves to the struggle for the country and people from generation to generation, the President fostered a burning will to grow up fast to liberate the country and set up a society where people were well off through the revolutionary influence he received from his parents and his understanding of the contradictory society.

   After he left his native home at the age of 13 with a high aim of making revolution, he organized and led the heroic anti-Japanese armed struggle, liberated the country and set up a genuine society for the people in this land.

   The President accomplished immortal exploits unprecedented in history as the leader of the Korean people and a veteran statesman in the world.

   At Mangyongdae many historic relics showing his extraordinary growth are preserved in their original state.

   There are valuable historic relics in the President’s native home at Mangyongdae which still preserves the traces of poverty in the old days.

   They include an inkstone and a table used by the President when he nurtured the lofty aim of revolution and other things necessary in life showing the diligent and simple character and warm humane feelings of his family members and many other precious historic relics.

   Around the President’s native home there are the Warship Rockwhere he played at soldiers and fostered the wisdom and courage of a brilliant commander and the Wrestling Ground, the Spring and the Sliding Rock where he built a strong body, the sites where he received education in patriotism from his parents and the Study Site where he read books so assiduously that he did not notice it was getting dark.

   There are also at Mangyongdae the Mangyongdae Revolutionary Museum with historic relics and materials associated with the President’s revolutionary exploits and the history of the struggle of his family members, the Sunhwa School, the Tongrim Pier and Konyu Islet showing the revolutionary activities of the family members of the President.

   Mangyongdae, which is visited everyday by crowds of people who cherish boundless respect to President Kim Il Sung sheds brilliant rays as a sacred place of the Sun together with the name of the President.

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