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President Kim Il Sung Is Alive in the Hearts of Humankind Forever!

Song of General Kim Il Sung

Bright traces of blood on the
    crags of Jangbaek still gleam,
Still the Amnok carries along
    signs of blood in its stream.
Still do those hallowed traces
    shine resplendently
Over Korea ever flourishing
    and free.

Tell, blizzards that rage in the wild
    Manchurian plains,
Tell, you nights in forests deep
    where the silence reigns,
Who is the partisan whose deeds
    are unsurpassed?
Who is the patriot whose fame
    shall ever last?

So dear to all our hearts is
    our General’s glorious name,
Our own beloved Kim Il Sung
    of undying fame.


It recalls a great man's life dedicated to the people.

Our leader is indeed the greatest leader of the working class. He personified unusual intelligence, outstanding leadership and lofty communist virtues, which nobody has ever possessed, and opened up and shone modern history with his profound revolutionary theories and great revolutionary practice. He is a benevolent father of the people, who brilliantly covered the whole distance of the prolonged revolutionary struggle with boundless devotion to the revolutionary cause and with warm love for the people.

Kim Jong Il



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