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Party, army and people, give fuller play to the might of Songun
in single-minded unity

Rodong Sinmun, the official organ of the Workers’ Party of Korea Central Committee, Josoninmingun, the newspaper of the Korean People’s Army, and Chongnyonjonwi, the organ of the Central Committee of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, published a joint editorial entitled “Party, army and people, give fuller play to the might of Songun in single-minded unity” to mark the new year Juche 94 (2005).
The following are excerpts from it:

Now our army and people are entering on a grand march of the new year with an emotional retrospect over the glorious victories of the Party and revolution and a great optimistic view of the bright future of our thriving nation.
Last year Juche 93 (2004) was a year of fruitful endeavours that made a fresh breakthrough in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation by launching a revolutionary offensive on the three fronts—political-ideological, anti-imperialist military, and economy and science.
Last year saw a fuller display of the faith and will of our army and people who, rallied around the leadership of the revolution, were determined to move on straight along the road of the Juche revolution opened up by President Kim Il Sung.
The whole country was brimming over with a high political ardour to live and work in the same spirit as in the 1970s when the era of the Workers’ Party attained the highest stage of prosperity under the banner of modelling the entire Party and the whole society on the Juche idea. The ample demonstration of the might of the WPK’s Songun politics and the overall strengthening of single-hearted unity of the Party, the army and the people—this is the most valuable achievement.
Last year creditable achievements were made in socialist economic construction and cultural development.
The key fronts of the national economy including the power industry and railway transport witnessed a rise in production which was rarely known in recent years. Great progress made in carrying out the Party’s policy of bringing about a radical turn in seed production and the rapid promotion of large-scale land realignment and gravity-fed waterway projects have laid solid foundations for striking development of agriculture in the era of Songun.
The revolutionary soldier culture developed in the People’s Army has passed through the whole society, so that everywhere the militant spirit and zeal are throbbing and our work and life are permeated with greater joy and optimism. The Korean mode of life and the national traditions are firmly maintained and the living environment has undergone a change for the better to acquire the flavour of socialism.
Last year our army and people resolutely foiled the crafty moves of the United States to stifle the DPRK and fully demonstrated the spirit of socialist Korea advancing with the might of Songun. The reality clearly shows that it was quite right to have given top priority to the strengthening of the nation’s military power under the banner of Songun.
The brilliant victories and successes attained by our army and people last year are fine fruits borne by leader Kim Jong Il’s absolute authority of leadership and ever-victorious political ability.
The year Juche 94 (2005) is a meaningful year when a great change will take place in our revolution and in carrying out the cause of building a great prosperous powerful nation.
This year we shall commemorate the 60th anniversaries of the WPK and the country’s liberation in grand style.
The foundation of the WPK by President Kim Il Sung six decades ago following the country’s liberation was a historic event that ushered in a new brilliant era for the country, the revolution and the nation.
President Kim Il Sung brilliantly accomplished the cause of founding the revolutionary party of Juche type on the strength of the deep and strong roots of the Down-with-Imperialism Union and led our Party, army and people along the road of victory and glory in defiance of all manner of difficulties and ordeals for over half a century, thus raising the dignity and the status of the country and the nation to the highest peak. His revolutionary achievements will shine forth for eternity.
It is a noteworthy political event for our army and people to greet the 60th anniversaries of the founding of the Party and the liberation of the country on the road of the worthy struggle to exalt the dignity of the nation and glorify the new era of Juche revolution by dint of Songun under the leadership of leader
Kim Jong Il. His 40-odd-year-long revolutionary leadership has made it possible to make our Party the glorious party of President Kim Il Sung forever, carry forward the history of invincibility of our revolution century after century and rear our people into a revolutionary people who faithfully uphold the leader’s idea and cause.
The past decade in our Party’s 60-year history is shining as an undying epoch when great victory and miracles were achieved in spite of the deepest adversity.
The diamond jubilees of Party founding and the country’s liberation are important occasions to demonstrate to the world the iron will of a mass of soldiers and people to add lasting glory to the immortal revolutionary history and achievements of President Kim Il Sung, founder of our Party and our country, and to consummate the revolutionary cause of Juche under the Songun leadership of the Party.
In this meaningful year we should take a stormy leap forward in the building of a great prosperous powerful nation with the might of invincible Songun, the might of the rock-hard single-hearted unity around the leadership of the revolution.
The whole Party, the entire army and all the people should rise up as one to effect a fresh revolutionary upsurge by force of Songun and mark the 60th anniversaries of Party founding and the country’s liberation as a grand festival of proud victors unprecedented in the history of our Party and our country—this is the general fighting task facing us this year.
We should step up the general forward march of the Songun revolution under the slogan “Party, army and people, give fuller play to the might of Songun in single-minded unity!”
We should fully demonstrate the political and ideological might of our revolutionary ranks with a mass of soldiers and people united single-mindedly around the leadership of the revolution.
We should defend at the cost of our lives the leadership of the revolution, the hard core of the single-minded unity. The cause of the Songun revolution is invincible since the leadership of our revolution is opening up the bright future for the country and the nation with great idea, strategy and tactics and a mass of soldiers and people who regard it as their life and soul to guard their leader with their very lives remain faithful to the idea and guidance of the leadership.
We should defend unity and cohesion based on Juche-based Songun idea like the apple of our eyes. Our revolutionary ranks should brim over with the Juche-based Songun idea and our single-minded unity should be a unity of Songun revolutionary comrades who share their fate with each other forever.
We should honourably carry forward the history and traditions of having jealously guarded the organizational and ideological purity of the Party and revolutionary ranks in each arduous and grim period.
We should hold fast to the Songun revolutionary line of the Party and build up the military strength of the country in every way.
We should have a profound knowledge of the revolutionary history of President Kim Il Sung who accomplished the cause of the country’s liberation with arms under the banner of Songun and defended the country and the revolution and founded the invincible socialist country on the principle of attaching importance to arms and giving precedence to the military affairs, and creditably carry forward his exploits and tradition of army building.
The People’s Army is the pillar and mainstay of the Songun revolution. Under the slogan “Let us defend the leadership of the revolution headed by the great Comrade Kim Jong Il at the cost of our lives!”, the entire army should become the first death-defying corps and the first human bullets and bombs in defence of the Supreme Commander by vigorously carrying on the campaign to win the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment. The People’s Army should keep full combat readiness to mercilessly crush the moves of the US imperialists to unleash a new war.
The noble qualities of the revolutionary army should be steadily improved by stepping up revolutionization and education in socialist patriotism in keeping with the requirements of the Songun era. The People’s Army should set an example to society in all aspects and make a breakthrough for advance on the main fronts for building a great prosperous powerful nation in the revolutionary soldier spirit of knowing no impossibility.
The defence industry is the basis of the nation’s military and economic power. The might of our self-reliant defence industry, which started from scratch and has become consolidated with the spirit of fortitude, should be augmented to the maximum. Everything needed for the defence industry should be supplied preferentially as required by the WPK’s line of economic construction in the Songun era.
The fine traits of our society where priority is given to the military affairs and wholehearted aid is offered to the People’s Army should be brought into fuller play and everybody should actively copy after the fighting morale, working manner and soldierly quality of the People’s Army. No enemy will be allowed to violate even an inch of the airspace, the territorial waters and the land of our country that is defended by the invincible revolutionary army, that has a people with the do-or-die spirit of national defence and whose people are all armed and whose whole territory has been fortified.
We should effect a great revolutionary upswing on all fronts of socialist construction so as to bring about a decisive turn in economic construction and the improvement of the people’s living standards this year that marks the 60th anniversaries of the WPK and the country’s liberation.
This is an eventful year when our army and people will experience the results of painstaking efforts with great joy and excitement they have made under the leadership of the Party while looking forward to the hopeful future in the face of harsh ordeals and grave difficulties.
It is the intention and determination of the Party to make an unprecedented upswing in production as in the period of the great Chollima upsurge in the 1950s by relying on the solid foundations for the building of a great prosperous powerful nation laid under the banner of Songun, and splendidly celebrate the significant holidays of this year and enliven the whole country.
The current great revolutionary upswing is an eruption of the ardent desire and patriotic enthusiasm of all the people to make a fresh leap forward in building a prosperous nation, carrying forward the traditions of the great upsurge established by President Kim Il Sung and a new mode of general advance in the Songun era which embodies the revolutionary soldier spirit and the requirements of economic, scientific and technological development in the 21st century.
We have the Party’s correct line and policy of economic construction and the heroic traditions and stamina by which we smiled through adversities in the “Arduous March” as well as the examples of creation and construction that will encourage us to make a greater leap and run faster. No fortress will be too steep for us to occupy if we give fullest play to the might of our single-hearted unity and the revolutionary soldier spirit and make the most of all our economic, scientific and technological potentials.
Agriculture is the front of main efforts in socialist economic construction this year.
We should concentrate all our efforts on farming this year. All the people should subordinate everything to farming and supply manpower, equipment and materials to the agricultural sector by top priority and unconditionally with a revolutionary determination to effect a radical change in agricultural production this year.
Party organizations should give active help to the work of officials in the agricultural sector in order to bring about a turn in this year’s agricultural production.
The whole Party, the entire country and all the people should give effective manpower and material support to the rural communities.
The power, coal and metal industries and the railway transport sector should advance in high spirits in the van of the effort to effect an upswing. The construction of large-scale hydropower stations should be accelerated to bring earlier the day of their operation, coal production be put on normal track and the capacity of thermal power generating facilities be raised to increase power generation markedly. The workers in the metal industry should follow the example of the workers of the Songjin Steel Complex in introducing the Juche-oriented steel production method and bring about a radical turn in the production of iron and steel, thus adding glory to their proud traditions of having defended the Party with steel. The railway transport sector should establish a revolutionary work system, organize and control transport in a militant way and enforce strict discipline to ensure timely loading and unloading at all sectors and units.
The light industrial sector should reconstruct and update factories and produce a variety of high-quality consumer goods in large quantity, thus making a positive contribution to improving the people’s living standards and making the whole country thrive.
Pyongyang, the capital of the revolution, should be spruced up, and many modern houses be built in other cities and rural communities. More structures of lasting value that will glorify the Songun era should be constructed this year that marks the 60th anniversaries of the WPK and the country’s liberation.
The economic management system and methods of our original style should be established in line with the developing realities and the actual conditions of the country and their vitality be brought into full play. Economic work should be carefully organized to earn maximum profit while strictly keeping to the socialist principles. Production should be specialized and standardization be widely applied to improve the quality of products and buildings and make effective use of social resources. All the sectors and units should intensify the economization drive, manage the state’s economy assiduously and tighten labour administration.
The technological updating of the national economy based on latest science and technology should be pushed forward dynamically while holding fast to the WPK’s policy of attaching importance to science and technology.
The function and role of the Cabinet that organizes and implements the overall economic affairs of the country should be enhanced.
The WPK’s policy of cultural development should be implemented to make the revolutionary soldier culture of the Songun era flourish fully.
Great efforts should be channelled into education for the development of the country and nation and the future of the revolution. The educational sector should improve teaching methods and the quality of education radically in line with the requirements of the IT age to train many well-qualified personnel for the revolution. The health workers should work devotedly for the protection of the people’s health so as to give fuller play to the advantages of the socialist health care system.
The fundamental way to carry out the tasks with success this year is to increase the fighting efficiency of the Party organizations and officials to meet the requirements of the Songun era.
Party organizations and officials should continue to strengthen education in the Songun idea steadily and intensify education in socialist patriotism and anti-US class consciousness.
Party organizations should give the Party’s impetus to economic work and properly combine Party work with administrative one. All the Party members should perform feats in the forefront of bringing about an upsurge in the Songun revolution and become vanguard fighters who lead the masses.
Our young people are the reserves of revolution who will shoulder the future of the country and nation and a powerful force in building a prosperous nation. They are standard-bearers who will play a role as shock brigade in the van of effecting a radical change in the Songun revolution this year.
Party organizations at all levels should strengthen Party guidance over the work of the youth league.
All the young people should fully demonstrate the militant mettle and courage as Songun youth vanguards in this year’s general forward march, carrying forward the proud history and traditions of having always been loyal to the cause of the Party.
The patriotic zeal of all the people should be brought into fullest play to achieve great victory in this year’s general advance of the Songun revolution.
This year which marks the 60th anniversary of the country’s liberation all the Koreans in the north, south and abroad recall with deep emotion the immortal achievements made by President Kim Il Sung in the cause of national reunification.
He set national reunification as the supreme task of the nation on the day of the country’s division and ever since made untiring efforts to implement it till the last moment of his revolutionary life.
His instructions on national reunification is being successfully carried on by leader Kim Jong Il. It is
Kim Jong Il’s great achievements in the history of the nation that have opened up a decisive phase in national reunification by holding north-south summit for the first time in 55 years of national division and making public the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
This is a significant year which marks the 5th anniversaries of the historic Pyongyang summit and the publication of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration.
During the past five years the validity and vitality of the June 15 Joint Declaration have been fully proved. The ideal of “by our nation itself” has become the ideal of the entire nation and north-south relations filled with distrust and confrontation have turned into ties of reconciliation and cooperation. The eye-opening events during the past five years which opened up a new era of independent reunification have provided all the Koreans with confidence and optimism that if they pool efforts they will surely accomplish the cause of national reunification.
All the Koreans in the north, south and abroad should make fresh progress towards the accomplishment of the cause of national reunification this year under the banner of the June 15 Joint Declaration.
“Let us hold high the banner of cooperation for national independence, peace against war, and patriotism for reunification!”—this is the slogan for this year’s national reunification movement.
National independence is the lifeline of the national reunification movement.
It is the nation’s intolerable disgrace that the other half of the country’s territory has been subject to the violation of sovereignty by foreign forces for over a century—40-odd-year Japanese colonial rule and then 60-year US military occupation.
All the Korean people should turn out in the struggle to put an end to the domination and intervention by foreign forces and defend the national sovereignty and dignity.
They should also launch a vigorous campaign for peace against war.
Today the danger of nuclear war is increasing daily on the Korean peninsula owing to the US moves to stifle the DPRK. If a war breaks out on this land, those who will suffer the catastrophe are the north and south of Korea and our land.
All the Koreans should make a vigorous peace campaign against war in order to drive the US forces out of south Korea, remove the source of nuclear war and safeguard peace and security on the Korean peninsula.
We should hold up the banner of patriotism for reunification.
Patriotic endeavour for reunification is an honourable undertaking for the common interests of the nation and prosperity. Everyone with the Korean spirit and blood should join in the move towards reunification and make a tangible contribution to national reunification. All the organizations and broad segments of people in the north, south and overseas should achieve solidarity and unity on the principle of giving priority to the common interests of the nation.
By bolstering up cooperation for national independence, peace against war and patriotism for reunification under the ideal of “by our nation itself”, all the Koreans should open up a new phase in their movement for independent reunification this year, adding a brilliant page to the annals of the movement for national reunification.
Last year the struggle against the ever-worsening US brigandish acts of aggression and strong-arm policy gained momentum in the international arena. The acts of invading and dominating other nations can never be justified.
Today the US is intensifying its moves against the DPRK unprecedentedly and it is increasing the danger of war on the Korean peninsula further. The US should abandon its attempt to stifle the DPRK militarily and change its hostile policy towards the DPRK.
Our army and people will continue, as they did in the past, to defend the national dignity and sovereignty firmly and implement the foreign policy of independence, peace and friendship consistently.
Let all of us unite single-heartedly around the leadership of the revolution headed by Kim Jong Il and add glory to the sacred history and traditions of our Party and revolution and make strenuous efforts for the prosperity of our country, our motherland.

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