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President Kim Il Sung                           leader Kim Jong Il

The Kumsusan Memorial Palace is the sacred temple of Juche where President Kim Il Sung lies in state for eternity.

The Kumsusan Assembly Hall, Which has been consecrated as the memorial palace, is a historic site in that it was here President Kim Il Sung, the founder of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the father of socialist Korea, the great thinker and theoretician, the distinguished statesman and the invincible and iron-willed commander, lived here for many years, guiding wisely the Party and state affairs, the Korean revolution and the cause of independence of mankind.

In the palace are the hall where the President lies in state, the hall of his statue, the hall of lamentation reminiscent of the days of the great national mourning, the room where the decorations conferred on him are kept, rooms for preserving the railway carriage and the car used by him and conference halls which show his immortal feats.

The spacious entrance hall of the palace where the statue of the President stands majestically against the red morning glow is laid out in the best way to match his greatness.

A wide staircase beside the hall is symbolic of the fatherly bosom of the President who loved the people boundlessly. The staircase leads up to the hall where the President lies in state.

The hall of lamentation is where the bier of the President was laid and mourners paid their last respects to him. On the front wall of the hall is a portrait of the President with a sunny smile against the background of the fluttering red flag. On side walls are six copper in those days. The black marble floor is set with pieces of white gems glittering as if they are made of the people’s bitter tears.

On display in the room where the decorations he had accepted are kept are orders, medals and certificates of honorary titles conferred on the President by various countries, more than 230 in all, and photo materials of those days.

In the rooms for preserving the railway carriage and the car used by the President are also seen maps showing the courses of his on-the spot guidance and of his visits abroad.

In the square 415 metres long and 216 metres wide in front of the palace important functions are held on the Day of the Sun and other national holidays.

The graceful stone Fences and gates, built in a 600-metre section, the access corridor of the palace nearly 1,000 metres long and horizontal conveyor, an arboretum covering and area of 100 hectares, the woods for scenic beauty, and a canal set off the appearance of the memorial palace. Tram cars take visitors to the palace.

The Kumsusan Memorial Palace was built as a sacred place greatest in its contents, form and size on the initiative of the leader Kim Jong Il and thanks to his wise guidance. It is the greatest treasure of Kim Il Sung’s nation.

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