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Political Summary


After President Kim Il Sung's death, leader Kim Jong Il adopted Songun politics with a firm determination to complete the Korean revolution by force of arms, a revolution carved out by arms and set out on the road of Songun politics since his inspection tour to an army unit on Tabaksol Hill on the New Year's Day of Juche 84 (1995).

In the period when under his Songun leadership, the whole Party and society were pervaded with ardour to learn from the revolutionary soldier spirit and the political and ideological power of the KPA rose as never before, leader Kim Jong Il clarified that our Party's politics is Songun politics and that the basic strategic line of our Party is the Songun revolutionary line.

Songun politics is a unique political mode of our times which settles all problems arising in the revolution and construction on the principle of attaching priority to military affairs and pushes ahead with the cause of socialism as a whole by putting up the army as the pillar of the revolution.

Leader Kim Jong Il who had already made clear the principle of revolution that the government can be maintained only by arms, and built up the country's power with the military-centred policy adhered to the solid creed that the army means the Party, the state and the people, enhanced the position and authority of the DPRK National Defence Commission and reorganized the political structure of the state into that of Songun politics with the Commission as its pivot to conform with the requirements of the Songun era, thus developing the DPRK into a mighty political power for effecting Songun politics of the Party.

Songun politics which fully embodies the requirements of the Juche idea is, indeed, an all-powerful treasured sword and a banner of victory that defends the sovereignty of the DPRK and the destiny of socialism and creditably guarantees a rosy future for the cause of Juche in the new century.

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