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Korea Computer Center(KCC), a leading IT industry body of DPRK has been founded on october 24 Juche79(1990).

KCC develops and produces software and hardware products for various fields such as Operating System, Computer Network, Control & Signal Processing, Biosignal Processing and Information Security and supports software development for important national projects.


For it, KCC has 8 centers for development and production each with their own specialization, development-supporting groups such as Quality Management Center and Information Service Center as well as 11 regional information centers in each province of DPRK.

KCC educates and trains able men with information technology in training courses as in KCC Information Technology College and Information Technology Institute to constantly reinforce technical forces of KCC and to meet the demands from various sectors of the country.

The main factor underlying the power of KCC is that it has the powerful research groups in scientific research institutes and educational institutions.


KCC has branch offices, joint venture and marketing office in Germany, China, Syria, Arab Emirates, etc. for favorable marketing activity. KCC is involved in active technical co-operation and exchange with famous companies and scientific research institutions home and abroad.

KCC regards it as its immediate target to reach the world level and to be competent in the world market in a few years in development of Linux-based operating system and applications, computer-aided high technology and services with its own core technology.

In order to achieve the goal, KCC never neglects the training of information technology personnels and stays constant in putting stress in production, quality authentication and international standarization of main products and new products based on appropriate market strategy and the powerful software development groups and appropriately combining the developments on order and technical service.

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