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Kim Jong Il provides on-the-spot guidance to industrial establishments September Steel Works

   Leader Kim Jong Il gave field guidance to the September Steel Works.

He was greeted on the spot by the senior officials of the works.

He first made his way towards the monument to the on-the-spot guidance by President Kim Il Sung erected at the entrance to the works.

In September 1970 the President came here to make a field survey and selected the site of the works. After the construction of the works he visited it again and specified ways and means to develop it into a base for Juche-based steel production.

Under his sagacious guidance and meticulous care, another comprehensive metallurgical base that turns out pig iron, rolled steel, and various other iron and steel products was built in the northwestern part of the country, Kim Jong Il said, and noted that the imperishable achievement made by the President will be remembered forever with the history of the works.

After hearing explanations about the works in front of the large picture, he looked round the steel workshop and other processes to familiarize himself with the facilities and production.

As part of its programme to implement the WPK’s policy of attaching importance to science and technology, the works introduced the UHP electric arc furnace, the core of steel industry, to bring about a radical turn in steel production.

Kim Jong Il stood in front of the UHP electric arc furnace filled with glowing molten iron for a good while to see the performance of the workers and gave a pep talk to them.

After learning himself about the technical characteristics and capacity of the UHP electric arc furnace, he was greatly satisfied with the rapid advance made by the works in production by establishing a steel production system based on ultra high power, the most advanced steel-making process, by which more quality steel can be manufactured while consuming incomparably less amount of power and electrodes than ordinary electric furnaces.

It is a great success that the workers and technical personnel of the works, scientists and technicians dispatched to the works and the lecturers and researchers of Kim Chaek University of Technology pooled wisdom and fully undertook the modernization scheme of the works in a short time, he said, and highly appreciated their good performance.

Saying that developing the steel industry is very important in socialist construction, he set forth tasks for the works.

He noted that the works should make effective use of the existing production basis and at the same time construct a new rolling workshop and complete various processes to steadily increase production capacity in order to increase the production of various kinds of iron and steel.

He added that high-quality concentrated ore should be supplied fully and in time to put steel production at the works on normal track and noted that the Tokhyon Mine should make mining equipment modern and large-sized and thus increase the production of iron ore and treat it in large quantity.

He hoped that the workers of the works would once again demonstrate their heroic stamina and invincible might in the general advance of Songun revolution.

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