In the world of bodybuilding, there is a so-called “bulking” and “cutting” phase. The first one is what most people are familiar with because, as the name implies, that’s when the bodybuilders work out rigorously to achieve bigger muscles. Once that has been achieved, then the next step is to “cut”.

Simply put, cutting means you, as a bodybuilder, needs to eat less and try to burn as much fat as you can while maintaining your muscle mass. The whole purpose is to get a lean body. And to assist you in attaining your goal, you can take ligandrol, which is an androgen receptor.

Here are excellent tips that will guide you as you go through the cutting stage:

Increase Your Water Intake

Drinking plenty of water will make you feel full, which means that you won’t be tempted to snack on something in between meals. Or, another thing that you can do is to drink a few glasses of water before eating a smaller meal. This should keep you going. And besides, water plays a vital role when you are working out. It keeps you hydrated and energized throughout your exercise routine.

Furthermore, water does not contain any calories. That is why it is an excellent substitute for your usual fruit juice or soda.


Prepare Your Own Food

During the cutting phase, it is extremely important that you watch your food intake. Therefore, you have to monitor the ingredients that come with your meals. It will help a lot if you prepare your own meals so you can choose what to put in it. This also allows you to significantly reduce the sugar and salt content, which is hard to do if you are getting your food from fastfood restaurants.

Furthermore, it is crucial that you reduce the use of cooking oil as this is another source of calories as well as trans fat.

Do Some Cardio Exercises

If there are times that you think you went over your calorie intake limit, then doing a cardio workout should help shake those off. This kind of exercise will certainly improve your metabolism, which will then enable you to burn more calories.

Drink Coffee Moderately

To help you focus on cutting, you can take a little dose of caffeine. Yes, you can still drink coffee during this stage, but you have to do it in moderation.

Caffeine works really well at increasing alertness as well as concentration.